IRASA International Scientific Conference


SETI I 2019

IRASA International Scientific Conference is of international importance.
The conference is multidisciplinary oriented.

The papers are in English. Power point presentation of papers delivered at the conference is in English, whereas oral presentation of papers is either in English or Serbian.


Venue and schedule

Republic of Serbia, Belgrade, 12-13 April 2019


Thematic fields:

  1. Science, technology and innovation
  2. Education and knowledge for 21. century
  3. Preservation and improvement of environment
  4. Governance and sustainable development
  5. Security challenges and risks in society


Conference aims:

  • Improving knowledge basis for sustainable and resilient local, national, transnational and global development
  • Support and harmonization of the implementation of SDG goals in society, economy, environment and urbanization
  • Strengthening scientific, technological and innovative capacities at local, national and transnational level
  • Dissemination and intensification of professional communication and establishment of network for joint research, innovation and education
  • Dissemination and Intensification of professional communication and establishment of network for security challenges and risks in environment and society at Danube region and Balkan region
  • Experience Exchange Based on Best Practices

Paper publication

IRASA will publish an electronic Book of Abstracts before the beginning of SETI I 2019 and will announce it on the site.

IRASA will publish an electronic Book of Proceedings in English and it will be distributed at the conference SETI I 2019.