International Research Academy of Science and Art – IRASA is an association of scientists, researchers, innovators, and inventors, whose research activities are deeply embedded in the following scientific areas and disciplines:: mathematical sciences including physics, chemistry, biology, etc., then  technical and technological sciences,  medical sciences, biotechnology,  language studies and linguistics, artistic, ecological and sports scientific fields as well as corresponding disciplines.

The Academy is founded to achieve goals and objectives in the above mentioned fields of science, culture and art with the task of research to be applicable in the development of Serbian and world economy designed according to the market economy of the world in order to improve the living standard of people in general. However, the third millennium is demanding because the standards of society are raised to a higher level: new forms of education are needed, which would educate experts for new scientific challenges in the global world. It was our guiding star when we came to the decision to create an association – the academy of IRASA that will, by the power of mind, lead to “better future”.

As a result, the special emphasis is on improving the living and working environment by educating citizens, children and young people, by teaching them on the importance of preserving and protecting the environment and to publicly advocate for changing habits as regards the use and conservation of natural resources worldwide. IRASA has to achieve goals and tasks in the association with the above appointed scientific fields.

In the conclusion, we would like to stress one more time the development of IRASA tasks that can provide space for individual and group researchers and scientists to develop and enhance their profession and to apply technical, technological and world standards for the advancement of further development in the profession in science, education, art, economy, sports, health care and environmental protection. This is about the need for the achievement of significant results in all spheres of life and work on Earth.

We expect the members of IRASA to organize and form teams of experts in order to implement their strength of mind and knowledge and actively participate in education of all citizens in terms of raising their awareness and responsibilities and to promote European standards and values ​​related to the field of environmentally responsible behavior. The idea is to follow the line of EU integration programs and global trends in order to raise the quality of life, no matter of cultural diversity of people.

IRASA is expected to grow into a strong, respectful organization globally recognized. This is the aim, goal and ultimate objective for IRASA existence. IRASA will spread its local and global influence by organizing workshops, holding lectures, implementing activities for the protection and  conservation of nature, natural and cultural heritage and cultural identity of people. Its task is to inform the public and wide audience by issuing publications and publishing scientific proceedings and research findings in special editions of IRASA either as permanent or occasional publications.

Departments in IRASA are formed for certain scientific and professional areas as mentioned above. The Institute, or the Research Center of the Academy, is a form of scientific and professional body of the Academy’s work, and will be founded when the conditions are created.

Within the Academy, the following departments are forme

– Department of Natural Sciences

– Department of Techniques and Technology

– Department of Medicine

– Department of Social Sciences and Linguistics

– Department of Biotechnology

– Department of Art

– Department of Sports and Physical Education

– Department of Security

– Innovation and Inventory Department

– Candidate Academic Department

– Department of Honorary Members of the Academy

A member of the Academy can be promoted into: Regular member, Correspondent member, Honorary member, Innovator, and Candidate Academic.

According to the founding act of the Academy an active founder is. Prof. Dr Vladica Ristic, and co-founders are Prof. Dr. Slobodanka Đolić, and Prof. Dr Marija Maksin.